Accessories for roofs around the globe

The roof accessories from the ceramic tile manufacturing plant in Ostrzeszów can be found on most roofs across Poland. They appear on roof slopes with ceramic tiles of global brands. This is because we are characterised by flexible production, while owing to our experience and access to the best clay deposits combined with clay tests conducted in our own laboratory, our Polish family business has become the leader among even the greatest international players. .

If you have already chosen the tiles, choose accessories from the Polish producer.

Our ceramic accessories together with any tiles available in Poland you desire create a complete roof construction system, making your roof safe and durable. Hundreds of clay roof finials in a wide array of colours are available in our wholesale stores throughout Poland. Apart from roof accessories, FCB Ceramika offers also decorative accessories, fence accessories and custom-made accessories. We also offer replacement of roof tile elements.

The flexibility and quality of FCB Ceramika products are unprecedented on the roof tiles market in Poland.Independent research conducted in renowned laboratories, such as Keramikinstitut GmbH, Germany and CERAM, England , has confirmed the high frost resistance of up to 600 cycles and low water absorption. The FCB brand holds certificates that confirm the premium quality of workmanship.

We test our products in our cutting-edge laboratory, where we treat clay extracted from the best deposits in Greater Poland.

FCB Ceramika is a Polish business with family traditions.
If you are getting your house built, you probably already know that you must take hundreds of decisions, have a sound understanding of many disciplines related to house construction. Please feel free to contact our customer assistants regarding roof tiles. We will provide assistance and guidance on each stage of roof construction.