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  • Forbes Diamond for FCB Ceramika once again

    Forbes Magazine has honoured us with the prestigious ‘Forbes Diamonds’ award. Our production method, which allows us to remain flexible with regard to customers’ orders, the unique character of our products and their excellent quality together with successful export, operational and financial credibility, are awarded once again! We would like to extend our gratitude to our customers and contractors. The award was presented to Jakub Kostrzewski, the Vice President of FCB Ceramika.

  • Easy order placement – one e-mail address

    For your convenience, we have provided one e-mail address for placing orders from all regions in Poland. Regardless whether an order is placed by a wholesaler or an individual investor, it is processed by our Order Department between 7.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. from

  • FCB Ceramika – premium quality, exceptional durability

    The quality of our products and our customers’ satisfaction are our priorities. We put our best foot forward to meet your expectations. Our work is assured by a life-long guarantee for our products. This gives you the certainty that you have made the right choice, while we are satisfied with our cooperation and draw a sense of a successfully accomplished mission towards our customers.

  • FCB Ceramika awarded with Forbes’ Diamond

    Forbes Magazine has honoured us with the prestigious ‘Forbes Diamonds’ award. As an organisation that operates both on the national market and on numerous export markets, we have been nominated for the ‘Forbes Diamonds’ award. Nominations for the said award involve companies with a positive financial result and a low financial risk factor. The Forbes Diamond ranking is developed based on a business valuation method and combines the asset approach and the income approach. The credit reference agency that evaluated our financial standing for this ranking considered FCB Ceramika a reliable and credible company. From the perspective of the market, we personally give precedence to the transparency of our business, the quality of the products we supply and the security […]

  • Budma Fair

    Visit our stand at Budma Fair 2017. Our presence at the fair is related to several new products. This time, these include products for home interiors. We will present them for the first time at the fair, which will be their first day on the market. These exciting products of an unusual aesthetic value make the quality of healthy living under the roof of such houses invaluable. This is all due to a clay plaster we will offer under the Heritage brand –a grand return of the best finishing materials. The other product mentioned are stoves made using chamotte tiles – unique free-standing stoves and traditional brick stoves – characterised by exceptional efficiency. In our manufacturing plant, we have fulfilled […]