Clay chimneys

Roof chimneys have two distinct functions. They serve either for ventilating or deaerating. Moreover, they differ in diameter and installation method.

A chimney vent, as the end section of a ventilation system used in a bathroom, a kitchen or a garage, serves for ventilating these spaces. It eliminates excessive vapour efficiently, thus the vapour does not condense on the walls inside the building. Our chimneys can be found on most house roofs across Poland.

Also, you can apply a stand-alone chimney, which is mounted to a chimney base. It is further connected to the ventilation pipework via a flexible pipe.

It is also possible to install a chimney adjusted to a tile. We offer a full range of colours so that you can create a coherent whole with the tiles you have already chosen for your roof.

Vent pipes, installed on the roof allow regulating the pressure inside pipes and removing sewer gas. This function stems from the very operating principle of a sewerage system, which is most commonly based on gravity. Therefore, it requires maintaining sufficient atmospheric pressure inside the pipework, for which vent pipes are used.

Chimney vents and vent pipes should be installed high on the roof near the ridge not further than 1.5 m from the ridge. If installed too low, they will not operate properly due to insufficient height.